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Powering the Present,

Preserving the Future.


Fuelling Progress, One Green Dollar at a Time.

Climate change is urgent, and so is our mission. We're here to expedite the transition from legacy energy to a sustainable future. At Carbonite, every dollar from fossil fuel becomes a green dollar invested in eco-conscious projects.


  1.  Bridging the Gap : From traditional energy sources to renewables, we're your pathway to sustainability.

  2.  Global Impact : United, we can pivot the energy sector to fund global climate solutions.

  3.  Energy Meets Conservation : We're more than a business; we're a movement.


Byron Grigoratos

CEO | Founder

Byron 3.jpg

With nearly 20 years in finance and commodities, Byron is no stranger to complex deal-making and innovative financing. A former Chief Commercial Officer at Bioeconomy, he spearheaded ecosystem-protective transactions across Indonesia and Africa.

His years at Glencore International not only honed his commodity expertise but also gave him a unique lens through which he views the intersection of the fossil fuel industry and carbon markets.

Quick Facts :

  1. Specialities : Deal origination, commercial structuring, and carbon financing.

  2. Dual Expertise : Deep knowledge in both physical and futures carbon markets.

  3. Vision : Bridging financial viability with environmental responsibility.

Byron is driven not just by commercial success but by a vision of a future where prosperity and planetary health go hand in hand.

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